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Mediation Skills Training

Welcome to our Accredited Mediation Skills Training 

We will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to mediate disputes in any environment. From high-complex issues to simple workplace conversations, our accredited program ensures you get all the training needed to become an expert in the field. 

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and learn how to be a better mediator today!

Register for our 5 Days Mediation Skills Training For the coming March 2023 Batch

START: 27 Mar 2023 12:30 pm

END: 31 Mar 2023 7:30 pm

Price: Rs.10800 + GST=Rs.12744 for students and 
12000 + GST=Rs.14160 for Professionals (GST is 18%)

About the Trainer- Mediation Skills Training

Our trainer Veerash Srikison is a highly experienced mediator who has undergone extensive training to help each delegate gain practical skills and knowledge during the course. 

She is a Harvard-trained mediator and negotiator, she is also an internationally accredited civil/commercial mediator and negotiator through CEDR (UK) and AOI (UK). In addition to her Mediation and Negotiation qualifications, she has obtained an LLM (University of Pretoria) with distinction merit for her dissertation on mediation in family law. 

She is an admitted advocate and the founder of Fair Practice, a dispute resolution services organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Trainers Experience- Mediation Skills Training

Over the past 6 years, she has trained over 350 professionals from all sectors, including presiding officers in our judiciary, senior members of the Bar Council, and delegates from the South African defense force, in Mediation, Negotiation, and Conflict Management.

She is an expert in the field of mediation and understands how to effectively coach delegates so that they can learn how to handle difficult conversations, resolve conflicts, and build trust between parties. 

She provides a safe environment for delegates to practice their skills and gain insight into the process of mediation. Her expertise ensures that each delegate has an opportunity to develop their own unique approach to resolving disputes while gaining valuable experience in the field.

What is Mediation Skills Training

The course outline below will be delivered online within 5 (five) days, including the practical activities and assessments. Each delegate must attend the full 8 (eight) hour day of training so that they can improve on their skillset each day through the activities.

This 5-day program is created as an intensive practical skillset training course in which participants must participate fully. Once the theoretical part has been taught each day participants will be divided into groups to conduct the activities on daily basis to put the theoretical part into practice. Therefore attendance on a daily basis is compulsory so as not to cause any disruption in the learning process of oneself and fellow participants. The learning outcomes and improvement are only achieved through taking part in activities and engagement.

Participants are regularly monitored every day on the improvement of their skillset by the facilitators and assessors. If a participant is lacking in a particular skill set, a facilitator will provide support to them by providing individual feedback and additional activities to work on independently.

Learning Outcome of our Mediation Skills Training

  • How to Work Through the Stages In the Mediation Process
  • The Principles of Mediation
  • Role, Function, and Duties of the Mediator Ethical Challenges of the Process
  • How to Include Key Role-players in the Mediation
  • Utilizing Problem-Solving Negotiation Techniques
  • Facilitating the Negotiations to Preserve Relationships
  • Analyze the Concerns of the Disputants
  • Effective Communication Skills of the Mediator
  • Breaking Deadlock in a Mediation Working Through Diversity, Assumptions, Prejudices, and any Bias Understanding the varying Cultures of the Disputants
  • Commercial and Legal Reality Testing Building the Mediator’s Toolkit Mediating Online
  • Putting Together a Mediated Agreement

Who Should Attend: Mediation Skills Training

The skills learned will enhance the abilities of:

  • Anyone with responsibility for resolving disputes
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • In-house legal associates
  • Other professionals e.g. Chartered Accountants, Retail Professionals, Doctors, Customer Care Managers, E-Commerce Experts, Engineers, Retired Employees, etc.
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Business Administrators, government representatives, and policy advisers.

Why trained from Karuna Mediation:

Getting Trained in the right organization is key to developing a mediation practice. Karuna Meditation training courses are the first of their kind in the country, which focus on providing trained mediators having actual skills needed for the industry keeping in mind the Indian perspective and Indian Laws. 

These courses are introduced by Karuna in India, bringing recognition to mediation as a profession and setting the standards within the industry.  We have been making the way to fulfill the gap of necessary training required in the country and, creating a reputation for excellence in the field of mediation.

After Training Support and Membership

Karuna Meditation is committed to supporting newly trained mediators.  We have a number of other educational programs available, all aimed at helping you develop your mediation career.

After successfully qualifying for the Karuna Mediation training course, you are eligible to join Karuna Mediation's membership, a strong network of ADR professionals where you can benefit from networking events, introduction to mediators, and other professional skill development opportunities.