Civil & Commercial Mediation Training

Civil & Commercial Mediation Training

Civil & Commercial Mediation Training

Welcome to our IMI Certified Online Civil and Commercial Mediation Training

We are delighted to offer our internationally recognized Accredited Civil/Commercial, 5-day Online Mediator Training in collaboration with Essential Mediation Solutions, United Kingdom. After successful completion of the training and the assessment, you will become an IMI Qualified Mediator

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Mediation Training program in various locations across India through online mode.

This program provides you with high-class training as a Civil and Commercial Mediator. Our program is written by Emma McAndry who has decades of alternative dispute resolution experience. 

Register for our 5 days ( Weekday, Weekend, and Night Options Available)-Internationally Certified Civil and Commercial Training Course 
For the coming 2023 Batch.

Price: 25,000 + GST=Rs.29500 for students and 
35,000 + GST=Rs.41300 for Professionals (GST is 18%)

Emma won the Best Mediation Trainer for the Year 2021 in the UK from the Corporate INTL Global Awards. Successful completion of the program will allow you to gain the status of ‘EMS Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator’. 

Our program is  UK Civil Mediation Council (CMC) registered training course and  International Mediation Institute (IMI) certified. This gives it an internationally recognized mark of excellence after the successful completion of assessments for IMI and CMC, which means that our trainees obtain a recognized qualification and have greater opportunities to start their mediation practice in multiple jurisdictions across the world. Read more about EMS on IMI Homepage.

Our training course is designed to inspire and galvanize the growing number of aspiring young mediators emerging globally.

  • Enhance your communication skills and build rapport
  • Develop your questioning techniques
  • Appreciate the potential of active listening skills
  • Learn how to manage mediation sessions and guide clients to points of agreement
  • Approach difficult situations such as ‘deadlock’ with more confidence
  • Skilled trainers giving targeted feedback for maximum development.

About EMS - Civil and Commercial Mediation Training Course

With over 36 years of experience in education, EMS has trained hundreds of students, staff, and external delegates at Universities.

You will receive award-winning training, led by Emma McAndry, who was shortlisted as Best Trainer in Mediation in the UK, National Mediation Awards 2020, and won Best Mediation Trainer in the UK 2021, Corporate INTL.

The training has been hugely successful and comes highly recommended.

What is Civil and Commercial Mediation?

Civil/Commercial Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process often used for resolving civil and Commercial disputes. It involves the parties to a dispute agreeing to work with a trained mediator to attempt to agree on a mutual settlement of their dispute, besides going to the court proceedings.

Civil and Commercial can be easy or complex depending on the nature of the disputes. Civil Disputes can be neighborhood disputes. Commercial and civil are interchangeable and include the resolution of business disputes as well as those relating to property, tenancy, inheritance, contract, and non-matrimonial co-ownership.

How to choose a right civil and commercial mediation training Institute

The Civil & commercial sector suffers the most from believing that its model is similar to other mediation sectors. This sector operates closest to the law in situations where commercial relationships are ending. Civil and Commercial Mediation is very different from informal, ongoing relationships or the workplace, community, and family dispute settings. 

The most consistent complaints seen are where lawyer mediators have mediated in workplace or community contexts. In this situation, it is not possible to provide good service as the scenarios are different in each specific field which hampers the quality of the outcome. 

Civil & commercial mediators are trained in dispute settlement, which is very different from dispute resolution and significantly different from conflict resolution. Despite claiming that this process will have win-win outcomes, it is the fact that the dispute settlement process rests on compromise and bargaining. 

These are not facilitative mediation strategies and do not equate to win-win outcomes rather it is based on compromise and bargaining. Many trainees simply do not understand these terms accurately.

Who Should Attend: Civil and Commercial Mediation Training Course

Karuna Civil and Commercial Mediator Training Programme is essential for anyone wishing to practice as a mediator.

The skills learned will enhance the abilities of:
  • Anyone with responsibility for resolving disputes
  • Law students
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • In-house legal associates
  • Other professionals e.g. Chartered Accountants, Retail Professionals, etc.
  • Healthcare professionals
  • HR managers, government representatives, and policy advisers.

Benefits of training for students include: Civil and Commercial Mediation Training Course

·  Additional qualification to add to student's CV

·  Enhanced employability

·  Important transferable skills gained

·  Be able to help to set up and join a mediation clinic.

·  Ability to start up in business

·  Enrichment of the subject for holistic learning

·  Law students will be well equipped to enjoy participation in national and international mediation competitions

Why trained from Karuna Mediation:

Getting Trained in the right organization is key to developing a mediation practice. Karuna Meditation training courses are the first of their kind in the country, which focus on providing trained mediators having actual skills needed for the industry keeping in mind the Indian perspective and Indian Laws. 

These courses are introduced by Karuna in India, bringing recognition to mediation as a profession and setting the standards within the industry.  We have been making the way to fulfill the gap of necessary training required in the country and, creating a reputation for excellence in the field of mediation.

After Training Support and Membership

Karuna Meditation is committed to supporting newly trained mediators.  We have a number of other educational programs available, all aimed at helping you develop your mediation career.

After successfully qualifying for the Karuna Mediation training course, you are eligible to join Karuna Mediation's membership, a strong network of ADR professionals where you can benefit from networking events, introduction to mediators, and other professional skill development opportunities.