We are humbled to invite Practicing Professional such as Mediators, Arbitrators, or other distinguished Professionals in the field of dispute resolution, information technology, marketing to consider being a part of Karuna Mediation's advisory board.


We provide board members with a stellar opportunity to continue to shape the alternative dispute resolution industry in India. Our company, Karuna Mediation & Arbitration Institute, needs a new direction. 

Someone with expert experience and insight would be the perfect person to help us determine whether we should break new ground or whether there's still value to be gleaned from the traditional territory.


• We will certainly highlight your presence as our advisory board member on our website and on our social media handles.

• Offer you direct entry on our Senior Mediators Panel where you will get the first opportunity to mediate cases on our platform. 

• Offer you the direct position of Coach and Assessors in our Mediation Training Programs.

• Opportunity in providing Guest Lectures in the training sessions.

• One of the Advisor will be chosen as a chief advisor, who will be leading the Advisory Board. The selection procedure will be through voting by the whole team of the company inclusive of board members.


The main purpose of the Karuna Mediation’s advisory board is to provide expert advice about the direction the company should follow. Provide valuable insight for the growth of Karuna Mediation. Provide your valuable support for awareness of ADR. Participate in Karuna Mediation’s Advisory Board Meetings.

If interested please show your interest by registering, we are available to discuss any questions you may have. You can reach us by phone at +919814710222 or via email at info@karunamediation.in.

Selection Criteria

A formal Invitation will be sent to the selected person and if accepted. The person will be appointed as “Advisor” in the Advisory Board of Karuna Mediation.

To register for the Honorary Advisor Position, please take the time to fill out the information below.