Dispute Resolution and Professional Training

The aim of Karuna Mediation & Arbitration Institute is to spread awareness of Mediation for resolving disputes with compassion and empathy.

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Our Mediation services are process driven and handled by our trained mediators. We handle our clients with compassion and empathy to bring peace in their lives. Karuna Mediation will understand first your disputes and resolve them with the mediation process. We will leave no stone unturned in resolving your dispute.


Our conciliation services will give you way to resolve your disputes easily. Conciliation procedure will be followed as Arbitration & Conciliation Act.

Neutral Evaluation

Our Neutral Evaluation services will help you understand your disputes and helping you resolving them by giving a neutral assessment and what is the best alternatives methods to resolve your dispute. We work with both the parties, listen them and then propose a better outcome from your dispute keeping view of legal options.

Mediation Training

Our Mediation Training are to develop the professionals from any field in handling any situation. We train legal and non legal professional in such a way that they can facilitate any kind of dispute with even less or no knowledge of Law. Our courses are developed in such a way that it gives knowledge of particular legal information to understand the scenarios.

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Karuna provides services for mediation to the people who are in disputes and want to resolve those disputes to save their time, energy, and money. Karuna provides a wide range of dispute resolution and mediation support services. The process oriented efforts of our accredited professionals with compassion and empathy make Karuna the preferred choice for the effective management and resolution of any dispute. Further Karuna imparts training to the newcomers to make them learn the techniques of Mediation and use them in resolving disputes of the conflicting parties. Our training programs provide depth knowledge of the dispute resolution in a specific field. the courses are prepared keeping in mind the importance of concept of law behind that specific field. the training will train you as a mediator along with law associated with it.

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Sahil Kapoor

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